Have you been to Italy ?

Have you been to Italy ?

  • Born and raised in Italy

    Votes: 6 13.0%
  • I like it so much that I moved/bought a second house there

    Votes: 1 2.2%
  • I have been to Italy more than 5 times

    Votes: 4 8.7%
  • I have been to Italy a few times

    Votes: 16 34.8%
  • I have been to Italy just once

    Votes: 9 19.6%
  • Never been there, but intend to

    Votes: 7 15.2%
  • Never been there and don't plan to

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Yes, I have been to Italy 7 times.
I have visited the following cities:
Rome, in my opinion the most beautiful city in Italy and the second in Europe after Paris.
Turin/Torino, elegant French-style city.
Milan/Milano, modern and bustling city.
Padova, Only I could see it at night.
Bologna, I liked it.
Venice, the second most beautiful city in Italy.
Verona, very intesting, with a lot of monuments.
Trieste, I didn't like. Trieste has a grand square by the sea, but the rest of the city wasn's nice for me. Sorry for trentinos.
Genova, typical coastal city of the Mediterranean sea, it reminded me some cities in Spain and Portugal (Porto). A lot of monuments too. Interesting but a bit shabby.
Florence/Firenze, I was a little disappointed. For me it is inferior to Rome or Venice.
Siena, very nice.
Napoli. This is the city in Italy I least liked, because although it has plenty of historical monuments, the city is in chaos, and is very neglected.
Sorrento. Nice place, totally different of Napoli.
Palermo. Similar to Napoli.
Catania, nice city, more modern and cleaner than Palermo.
Taormina, too tourists.

Sono Stato a Roma e Sicilia. I Have not been to either Palermo or Catania. I drove through Palermo to get to Monreale and Cefaful , which are both in Provincial Palermo. Cefau is incredibly beautiful, but from what my fellow Sicilians say (they took me in as a compagno Siciliano), it has lots of tourist like Taormina. So places I was able to visit and not hit many tourist were Erice, Trapani (very beautiful place on a high mountain overlooking Sea and surrounding towns). Two great archelogoical sites in Trapani that are most see, IMHO, are Segesta and Selinunte. San Vito Lopo and Castellammare del Golfo also great (I did not visit Marsala, next time).

The Valley of the Temples in Agrigento was crowded but still a must see. If you are into driving into interior Sicily, drive to Palazzo Adriano (full disclosure, partial because my Mothers Family came from there). It is a remarkable city that has retained elements of the Byzantine Christian Tradition and the Latin/Roman Christian Tradition in the same town. In the "la piazza cittadina", the Byzantine Catholic Church is on one side and the Roman on the other. This town was also where Guiseppe Tornatore filmed "Cinema Paradiso (1988)" which one numerous awards all over the world.

Catania, with Etna, Ragusa (to see where the Late Sicilian Writer Andrea Camileri's Commissario Montalbano) is filmed, Syracuse and Messina will be next trip (hopefully next Summer), along with Return trip to Rome.
I'm 22 and it's 22 years living here in Roma! I can't stand the traffic anymore!!! Ahahahah!

How about the Roman Suburbs. I was in Rome last summer, along with Sicily, but I did not drive!!!
The first time we were there it was the main tourist places: Rome, Florence and Venice. It was very pleasant. We had a private guide/driver in each of those places. The second time we spent some time in Rome and then drove around to my wife's ancestral places and visited Rossano in Calabria. Stayed in a wonderful olive estate outside Rossano. We also spent time around Lecce. Driving around is great and all but since I was driving I did not get to see all that my wife did.
Yes we consider ourselves Central Italians who had the misfortune to be annexed to the Southern State of the Two Sicilies. Characterially we are very different from Neapolitans and we have also porchetta which is a typical central Italian dish. :grin:
Characterially Abruzzesi are mountanious people and like all the mountanious peoples we are pretty introvert and the Marsican bear is often used to rapresent our character (introvert and very few talkative).
Anyway the favourite hobby of Abruzzesi is to hit Neapolitans and people from Bari so be careful to compare us with them :D We consider similar to Machisans, Latials and southern Abruzzo is close to Molise. Also the landscape of Abruzzo is very similar to Marche and Lazio.

Hello from the future, Abruzzo is genetically south. In fact, you can be modeled as 70% Barese (Time to start hitting yourself, but I'm sure you can find plenty of people in Naples and Bari, to do it for you.) :


"Central Italian" does not even exist genetically.

A sharp north-south division in cluster distribution was detected, the separation between northern and southern areas being shifted north along the peninsula (Fig. 1B) (12). The reported structure dismissed the possibility that the Central Italian populations differentiated from the Northern and Southern Italian groups (Fig. 1A) (13). Individuals from Central Italy were, in fact, assigned mostly to the Southern Italian clusters, except for samples from Tuscany, which grouped instead with the Northern Italian clusters (Fig. 1, A and B) (12). Contrary to previous results, no outliers were detected among the Northern Italian clusters (12).


poor you.
Hello from the future, Abruzzo is genetically south. In fact, you can be modeled as 70% Barese (Time to start hitting yourself, but I'm sure you can find plenty of people in Naples and Bari, to do it for you.) :


"Central Italian" does not even exist genetically.

poor you.
Incredible the crap people have posted. Who on earth doesn't know that the Abruzzesi are mostly Southern, and because so many of them moved to Lazio, much of Lazio is southern as well.

The break in the genetic cline in Italy is just south of Rome, which really only leaves Marche and Umbria as "central", and Toscana grouping with the North.

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