Help interpreting Eurogenes k13 results / dna test?


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My background is Ukrainian& Russian, for the most part. These are my Eurogenes k13 results.
Why/how do I have east asian dna? Most Slavic people I've seen have some type of Siberian. Is it just misinterpreted somehow? Also what exactly does the amerindian mean? How should it be interpreted?
The site won't let me post a photo, so I'll paste my K13 results here-

North_Atlantic 26.72 Pct
Baltic 46.21 Pct
West_Med 11.46 Pct
West_Asian 5.68 Pct
East_Med 4.74 Pct
Red_Sea 1.46 Pct
South_Asian 0.42 Pct
East_Asian 1.16 Pct
Siberian -
Amerindian 1.16 Pct
Oceanian -
Northeast_African 0.92 Pct
Sub-Saharan -

my dna test results are-
78% Eastern Europe & Russia
22% Baltics

68.9% Eastern European
27.8% Baltics
3.3% Finnish

I did a 23&me test but I don't think my results are very accurate with the new update. So for now I just use those ones. Ancestry was the first test I ever took
Thank you
From the K13 results that show you're Baltic I would say your Slavic heritage comes mostly from North/Central Russia. Maybe not in nationality but surely in genetics, so your Ukrainian ancestor is from nationality, but surely had previously emigrated from somewhere else.

Then there is your North Atlantic ancestry. That is British, Irish, Scottish or Norwegian. The thing is that Scandinavia and Germany(England & Scotland to a lesser extent)were invaded by 'barbarians' in the Early Middle Ages.
And from Scandinavia came the founders of the kingdom Rus of Kiev.

Then between West Mediterranean(Spain), West Asia, East Mediterranean make 20%. That is Semitic ancestry, from South Europe.

All of that was your more detailed DNA ancestry. But other companies assume you're just Russian because all those ethnicites have been there for several centuries.
Thanks for the reply. One half of my family is from western Ukraine and are ethnically Ukrainian as far as I know, the other part is from eastern Ukraine, but they are ethnically Russian. I have no information on my family besides my grandparents, I've been trying to piece together things using dna match relatives..

Is Eurogenes k13 meant to represent ancient ancestry? Do you have a guess as to why I have east asian dna somehow?
That K13 is not really about being from a nationality. You're ethnically Ukrainian, but Ukraine has different ancestral source populations(Slavs, Scandinavians, Jews, Germans, Russians...)

Your East Asian is because mongoloids of the Asian steppe are partially East Asian. Also, you have South Asia, that is related to Slavs through the paternal side(R1a haplogroup)
Thanks for the reply. I don’t know my paternal haplogroup because my dad died, so I’m not sure if its R1a or something like that. I have no way of testing him or his family because most of them live in Russia or aren’t able/want to do a dna test. Do you know why I’d only inherit East Asian ancestry instead of Siberian? I’ve seen a good number of Ukrainian/Russian Gedmatch results and pretty much all of them have some type of small Siberian instead of East Asian. Is it just a misread you think? The Gedmatch spreadsheet says the East Asian component peaks in China, Japan, Vietnam, etc. I can’t think of a time when this admixture was really in Eastern Europe at all. Nor did I ever have family that was from parts of eastern Russia either.

Might as well add, I have no idea where the Baltic/Finnish comes into my family either. I don’t know about my family past my grandparents.

I never thought of the south Asian to be much either, but I guess it makes sense by what you said.
That East Asian may be misread and it's Siberian.

Anyway, it doesn't matter at all, it's just tiny.

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