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So I know that Ancient greek haplogroups were J2 from Minoans and Cyclades and R1b from indoeuropean dorians . Did ancient greeks have big ammounts of other haplogroups too ? Do modern greeks have the same haplogroups ? Whats the difference between ancient and modern greeks ? And if Minoans and Cyclades had Semitic haplogroups , while Dorians Indoeuropean , why they are considered greek ?
Sorry if i have grammar or spelling mistakes , english is not my first language . Thanks for help :embarassed::embarassed::embarassed:
I dont think is good theme for a school -"Lyceum" in your case i suppose;- Anyway... Before take your information from other members too...There is non parthenogenesis to none culture, to none civilization, but the opposite.Haplogroups dont make cultures. The mix of the people make civilizations and Language is the jewel of the crown. Ethnos is not blood relations. Ethnos is: Ethos (ήθος) and Nous (νους) mind. That's for me. Dorians, Indoeuropeans, etc...:bored: -Try not to be so exclusive to none theory, but have an open eye...(y) Go beyond the name, Theere is no "Mycenean" before Tsountas (early 20cent.)or for example there is no "Byzantine" before the fall of the polis.I suppose is "catchy" all these details about the Rib and J2 etc etc. But the messege dont come from the information and the raw data, but from the process of the data and to the capitalization of your method -approach- to mature conclusions. So i dont think you are ready to handle such information and with no except thats not my forte -specifically-either, anyway. I hope to get your answers from others too. There is enough to find at the site, The author and mods, worked hard and make a nice place for the enthusiasts of "ours" kind. But, -anyway- never forget, "genetics" cannot tell us "the all story". The "method" tell us about the survive of the genes, not "how", but maybe some "why-s". -Oh' really did the bravest survive..? ( a rhetoric schema for the dialectic intriguing) Anyway, wht's the task for your schooll project?

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