Hitler's Y-DNA?

I think there are sick people with every haplogroup. Not to mention there are women who are sick and have no Y chromosome at all. I do believe certain traits may be programmed in the Y Chromosome, but insanity is a disease not a trait.
So in conclusion, Hitler's Y haplo has no recent connection to Jews or Africans. yay. Glad that got worked out.
Has it been confirmed that Hitler belonged to E-V13? As someone mentioned, about 8-9% of Austrian men carry that haplogroup. I don't see how there could be a Jewish or NA connection. Like all European men who belong to that haplogroup, Hitler's autosomal profile was entirely European. Whoever brought that haplogroup to Europe, did so 8000 years ago. There's basically nothing left from that individual's genetic legacy. And there were no Jews 8000 years ago nor is E-V13 (or E-M78 for that matter) a Jewish haplogroup. Even the Ashkenazim are predominantly European when it comes to their autosomal heritage.

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