How can I find the new names for each different subclade/haplotype according to isogg


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being a layman myself in terms of genetics ( more or less) I would like to ask how is it possible to find what is the new "name" for e.g my haplotype which used to be the cts-1977. In some instances I ve got the I2a2a1b2a1 and in others the I2a2a1c1a ( I guess depending on the ISOGG year ) but I guess these are older classifications. Is there an index where I find the new subclades or do I need to do it manually ( unless I take a new test ) by observing all the snp in the list of isogg.
If the subject/uestion is stupid, feel free to delete it ( to mods).
Thank you
You are on a branch of I2a-M223 -- I2a1b1 (was I2a2a & earlier I2b1):

I2a...M223 > P222 > CTS616 > CTS10057 > Z161 (Cont2 subclade) > CTS4348 > L801 > Z178 > Z165 > CTS1977 (Cont = Continental)

You should join the I-M223 Y-DNA Haplogroup Project, if you haven't already done so.

I don't normally try to count beyond I2a1b1. Much of what is on this site uses I2a2a - they don't want to update it to only then have to update it all over again. Most places I've searched on the Web are still using the old nomenclature.

I'm in the Isles Scot-Ire clade: CTS616 > FGC15071 > M284 > L1195 > L126 > FGC20063 > FT2393 > S7753/Y4171 > Y4142 > Y4751

CTS1977 covers a lot of territory: Germany, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, etc.

"The man who is the most recent common ancestor of this line [CTS1977] is estimated to have been born around 1700 BCE." -- FTDNA's Discover Tool. To zero in on where you belong further down the Haplotree, you should consider doing or upgrading to FTDNA's Big Y-700 test.
Thank you very much. I am greek btw from thessaly.

I-CTS1977's common ancestor lived ~1700 BCE, so Bronze Age. Or 3700ybp. The Public Haplotree at FTDNA shows one sample from Greece that is positive for CTS1977 (maybe you).

SNPTracker places CTS1977 in the Netherlands:

It is possible that "CTS1977+" made its way (a Frankish Knight?) to Thessaly on the way to the Crusades.

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