Human Family Tree discovered through globe13 austomnal DNA

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The Human family tree is finally and officalley figured out it is not like every little genetic thing to happen in human history is figured out but now we know how we are all related and who is more related to who and we have a basic idea of how people migrated around the world.

Autosomal DNA is a term used in genetic genealogy to describe DNA which is inherited from the autosomal chromosomes. An autosome is any of the numbered chromosomes, as opposed to the sex chromosomes. Humans have 22 pairs of autosomes and one pair of sex chromosomes (the X chromosome and the Y chromosome). Autosomes are numbered roughly in relation to their sizes. That is, Chromosome 1 has approximately 2,800 genes, while chromosome 22 has approximately 750 genes. There is no established abbreviation for Autosomal DNA: auDNA (more common) and atDNA are used.

the National Genographic project calls their austomnal DNA test the Who am I test because it tells u basically ur full ancestry.

This is the human family tree by globe13 austomnal DNA

This is a MDS graph of Human austomnal DNA groups the closer one group is to another the more relate dthey are u can see that certain races group together

If u cant read it hear is a link

here is a list of 100's of populations globe 13 austomnal DNA results.

These are the Human Families according to globe13 austomnal DNA

Sub Sahren African family



Humans began in central and South Africa about 200,000-300,000ybp Sub Sahren Africans ancestors broke off from non Africans ancestors some where probably in central Africa 100,000-150,000ybp while non Africans ancestors migrated away from Africa Sub Sahren Africans ancestors stayed

Sub Sahren Africans are more related to each other than to non Africans but they are not extremly related PAleao Africans, east Africans, and west Africans probably split from each over 40,000ybp the only major phiscal similarty that they have with each other is black skin and nappy hair but they vary in body build and facial features and the San people don't have black skin they have light brown skin sub sahren africans have also inter married with each other alot.

here are some examples of sub sahren africans

Non African family




The non African family includes most humans alive today about 100,000ybp non Africans ancestors broke off from Sub Saharan Africans and they migrated to northern Africa and the middle east any one who is not from sub Sahara Africa is apart of this family

The non African family breaks down into two major sub families the Caucasian family in west Eurasia and north Africa and the Mongoloid Oceane family in east Asia, north and south America, and Australian continent.

but the Oceania Mongoloid race seems to be more related to sub Saharan Africans than to Caucasians in austomnal DNA if that is true then there is no such thing as the Non African family. just two separate races and both don't live in Africa.

here are pictures of non Africans since this family is so old Non Africans have formed their only groups and their own distinct features

Oceania Mongoloid Family



The Oceania Mongoloid family broke off from the non African family about 80,000-90,000ybp probably in the mid east they migrated first to India about 80,000ybp then to southeast Asia about 60,000-70,000ybp then they split into two separate families the Mongoloids migrated into central and north east Asia the Oceania migrated south into the Australian continent and the Philippines since the two families have been separated for so long each developed their own unqie features Mongloids have very high check bones and long straight hair Mongoloids in east Asia the the Americas also have alot of slanted eyes Mongloids in east asia devolped palish skin over 12,000ybp while most other Mongoloids have brownish and reddish skin Oceana have mainly black skin, nappy hair, and similar facial features to sub Saharan Africans basically they look identical to sub Saharan Africans except the ones in Australia have a mixture of Straight hair and brown skin and nappy hair and black skin

and u cant tell they are related by looks before DNA people would have never guessed they had any relation but DNA has shown they are very related and can be classified as the same race the Mongoloids migrated across all of east Asia and most of central Asia and they migrated to the America about 20,000-25,000ybp and eventuality covered all of north and south america the Oceania migrated across the entire Australian Continent and most pacific islands. about 4,000-3,000 years ago many people who where in the Mongoloid family migrated into Oceania territory and in the Pacific islands and the Philippines that is why most people in the Philippines and pacific island today are mainly Mongoloid.

is is debatable whether south Asians aka Indians are in the Oceania Mongloid family or if they are in the Caucasian family they have a Caucasian skull shape and facial features but they have both Caucasian and Oceania Mongoloid Y DNA and mtDNA haplogroups and their globe13 austomnal DNA is 34.7% west Asian which is Caucasian and 55.7% south asian which is Oceania Mongoloid since south Indian people have a Caucasian skull shape and facial features they probably have mainly Caucasian blood but they defintley have alot of Oceane Mongloid blood south Indians can count as Oceania Mongoloid and Caucasian the Mongloid Oceania blood South Asians have is from the migration of Mongloid Oceane people to India about 80,000ybp but Indians also have some east asian blood too.

in far far far south India there are people who are 100% Oceania Mongoloid they like the Admanese people have been living in India since the Oceania Mongoloids first migrated there about 80,000ybp

here are pictures of Oceania Mongoloid family since the Mongoloid side and Oceania side look so different from each other even in the Mongoloid and Oceania familes they have their own sub groups which look different from each other Australian aboriginals look very different from Papua New Guineans Chinese look very different from Maori

i put Mongoloids on top and Oceania on bottom


Caucasian Family



The Caucasian family broke off from the non African family about 80,000ybp in the mid east while the Mongloid Oceania race aka Oceania Mongoloid race migrated east to India about 80,000ybp Caucasians ancestors stayed in the mid east about 50,000 ybp Caucasians began to migrate to Europe, north Africa, and India today Caucasians take up all of west Asia(mid east), Europe, North Africa, most of central Asia, and South Asia(India)

unlike the Mongoloid Oceania race all Caucasians look very similar and have not really changed that much physically in the last 60,000 years all Caucasians have the same skull shape , body build, and facial features Caucasians also have more body hair and facial hair than any other people in the world.

while everyone else in the world has all black hair brown hair is the main hair color of Caucasians who live in west Asia, north Africa, and Europe and about 60,000ybp Caucasians in the mid east developed genes that sometimes create palish white skin the Caucasians that migrated to Europe between 50,000-35,000ybp became dominated by these genes about 22,000-32,000ybp which is why Europeans today have white skin but some Caucasians in the mid east and north Africa also have white skin and the same genes that create white skin as Europeans

Caucasians in Europe also developed their own hair colors light brown, blonde, and red and their own eye colors blue,green, hazel etc. Blonde hair is very spread out in Europe and very popular blonde hair would have began probably over 20,000ybp somewhere in Europe same with blue eyes and all other non brown eye colors red hair probably started either in Volga Russia or northern Spain about 13,000-17,000ybp red hair spread with Indo European languages to western Europe 5,000ybp before that red hair almost only existed in central Russia and Ukriane.

Caucasians that migrated to India about 50,000ybp inter married alot with the Oceania Mongloid people that already lived there and they also developed blackish skin this could be from inter married with Oceania Mongoloids or it was a adaption to India

originally Caucasians would have had brownish and light brown skin like ones in the mid east and north Africa

here are some examples of Caucasians


i hope u guys like plese post ur opinon
i worked hard in this thread i wanted to put info of Y DNA and mtDNA haplogroups and human races but there is not enough room

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