Humanoid robots can now play sport better than humans


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We are getting really close to getting humanoid robots that can do all the manual tasks a real human can do (and better than the best humans).

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Humanoid robot as a chef.
I feel fortunate that by the time I'm a geriatric (if I'm lucky to make it to that age) Androids will probably be available for eldercare.

Right now, people take out big loans for stuff like homes and cars. I can see people taking out big loans to buy these robots in the future.

It will be like television, it will start with one in each household. Then maybe one per household member down the line.
One thing I hate more than anything is technophobia. I am extremely sanguine about robotics and AI.

Maybe once we have servants with no perceived human agency again, our society can transition from a slave morality to a master morality. We can live more like the philosopher kings, who have risen above a servile existence.
I agree that robots 🤖 are getting better at tasks, sometimes even better than humans. But they are only as good as their programming and training, which is provided by humans. I welcome all these advancements in technology because I believe progress will be hindered if we don't embrace them.

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