Hungarians-Slavic ?

Their Y-DNA frequency shows a high percentage of haplogroup R1a (33%), but also a reasonable amount of R1b (17%) and Germanic I1+I2a2 (about 10%). The rest is a typical Balkanic admixture of I2a1, E1b1b, G2a and J2. In that respect they are most similar to the West Slavic populations, especially the Czechs and Slovenes. So it would seem that they are closer to the West Slavs than to anybody else.

Of course, if they do descend primarily from Central Asian or Siberian tribes such as the Magyars or the Huns, it is also possible that these tribes had a high proportion of R1a. But we would also expect at least a few percent of East Asian haplogroups such as C, O or Q, and that is not the case. There is barely 1% of combined East Asian haplogroups among Hungarians. AFAIK autosomal studies don't contradict this. The Turks, for instance, have considerably more Central/East Asian admixtures (over 5%).

Besides, the Hungarian R1a is mostly the West Slavic R1a-M458. This is enough to confirm that the Hungarians are indeed most akin to the Slavs.
I thought they are mainly magyars ? Arnt they originally from central asia ?
is there still DNA of the Pannonian people in modern hungarians ?

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