I am from Balochistan and my Haplogroup is G?


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Hi evryone,

I just got my result, what is my haplogroup? and what is the origin of it (I am from west of Balochistan (between Iran and Pakistan):

[h=5]PANEL 1 (1-12)[/h]
Marker DYS393 DYS390 DYS19** DYS391 DYS385 DYS426 DYS388 DYS439 DYS389I DYS392 DYS389II***
Value 13 23 14 10 14-15 11 12 12 12 12 29

[h=5]PANEL 2 (13-25)[/h]
Marker DYS458 DYS459 DYS455 DYS454 DYS447 DYS437 DYS448 DYS449 DYS464
Value 15 9-9 11 11 24 16 21 27 13-14-16-16

[h=5]PANEL 3 (26-37)[/h]
Marker DYS460 Y-GATA-H4 YCAII DYS456 DYS607 DYS576 DYS570 CDY DYS442 DYS438
Value 9 9 20-21 15 13 19 17 34-37 11 10
Whit Athey's Predictor thinks that you are probably J2a1b, or maybe G2a, but it doesn't include things like other G clades that you could also be. Cullen's Predictor has no idea what you are.

Perhaps you should order a deep clade test. I assume you're testing through FTDNA? Do they predict you to be G? If so, you could query the G Project administrators about what you should do (Ray Banks knows his stuff and even posts here sometimes).
According to Urasin’s Y-dna predictor you are with 97% probability G1a*-P20(xL201). So I think that it would be a good start to order a test of P20 SNP.
My kit number: M7177, and FTDNA says it's: G
Thanks for the informations. I am waiting for Barker reply about the origin of G haplogroup.

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