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Hi. Not sure where to post this so I'll try here for starters.
I did the geno2 test and was assigned the following haplogroups:
y: I-L41
mt: H3m

Geno says both of these are rare. Ironically about the same percentage for each (0.03% in their population). And almost identical migration paths at that high level.

Obviously I want to find out more about these but I guess cause they are rare there isn't a lot out there.

I transferred the results to ftdna and it gave me the sane mt haplogroup, but for y it said my predicted group was under review. Does anyone know that that means?

I plan to do a lot of studying about this now but if anyone has context to add for these I'd be interested to hear.

I expect I will do a more detailed analysis at some point. If there is a suggested better one given these initial results, that would also be great to know.

Thanks! :)

Sorry forgot to mention I am male.
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