If you had the power to change your country's system, what would you choose ?

Bob in Iowa said:
The more I learn about the EU healthcare system, the better it sounds. Do you ever experience denial or limitation of care based upon system limitations, ie, perception of medical necessity, choice of physician, etc?

NOPE, this I have never experienced, well I only saw the doctor once as I am hardly sick. :)
I have the same rights as any EU-citizen (this is the law). Freedom of movement and work and study in any EU-country with the same rights as the citizen in that particular EU-country.
This applies to labour law, tuition fees, right to choose doctor etc....basically: everything.
1) ID Cards :
a) compulsory for everybody and must be carried at alll times
b) compulsory for everybody but doesn't have to be carried all the time
c) optional (only those who want one can get one)
d) no ID cards for everybody

2) Driving licence :
a) from under 16 years old
b) from 16 years old
c) from 17 years old
d) from 18 years old
e) from over 18 years old

3) Blood group card
a) compulsory for everybody and should be carried at alll times in case of accident
b) tests compulsory for everybody to be sure to know one's blood group
c) optional (only those who ask for one get one)

4) Medical Services
a) medical services 100% paid by the State (through taxes)
b) mostly reimbursed by the State
c) only miniminally reimbursed by the State
d) not subsidized at all (full cost for those who do not have a private health insurance)

5) Dual nationality
a) allowed
b) allowed for some special cases only (children born of parents of different nationalities, etc.)
c) never or very rarely allowed

6) Military service (conscription/draft)
a) compulsory for men and women
b) compulsory for men
c) compulsory for men except university student, objection of conscience, civil service, homosexuality, exemption payment, or other reason.
d) voluntary (although not profesional career in army, but just 1-year or so)
e) no military service apart from professional army

7) Legal drinking age :
a) no minimum
b) 12 or under
c) 13-15
d) 16-17
e) 18-19
f) 20 or over

8) Education :
a) should be completely free for both private and public schools/universities (teachers paid by the State)
b) only public schools/universities should be free
c) all schools/universities should be only partly subsidized by the State
d) no schools/universities should be subsidized at all

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