IGENEA tests any good?

Wasted money

I wish I had found this forum before contacting IGENEA. I wrote them to ask if they could help me find information about my maternal grandfather.
I knew my father's ancstors all bacl to the early 1800s and many back even further. All born i Sweden.
I knew my mother's mother's ancestors evern furthe back I knew that my grandfather as born in Germany in 1868, but did not know where.
I told them that. It was suggested that I order the Family Finder test.
I recieved the following results:
67 % Skandanavian
33 % Western and central Europe

I am in actuallty 50 % Swedish and 50 % German.
When I said the result did not correspond with my research, I was told to contact the people had similar findings.
As I do not have a male relative to trace the Y line, what do I do now after wasting money on this test?
R1b1b2a1a in my Family

I have done 23andme and as I posted on the Y-dna section of the forum (titled: Help in defining my R1b haplogroup), 23andme left me in quite of a tale spin as I found out that they really don't go into great depth in r1b testing. They labeled me as R1b1b2a1a which is very old and quite rare in folks as it is Pre-Celtic-Germanic, so either my family linage is very old or I didn't get my money's worth from 23andme... So would FTDNA help clarify my subclade?

We also got tested through 23andme and my brother is also R1b1b2a1a (I am a female so it's a no go for me). Did you get tested at FtDNA and did you find out more through exploration of subclade?

Our father is French-Canadian, if that can be of help.

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