In which city would you like to live, and why ?

I don't know about living for good there. But it is a wonderful place to spend weekend.
Rome isn't one the happiest cities of the world. At all. It's impossible... Romans are in the middle of a nightmare of disastrous administration, aggressive and uncivilized residents and guests, often interrupted, and highly dysfunctional, public services. I've been to Rome several times in the last 4 years and every time I went there, I found a worsening. Romans are fairly desperate, they want change and often revolt (civilly) against their local administration.
I live in a coastal city and I like it. Anyways, if I had to leave, I wouldn't mind living in a city with no access to the sea, but close to beautiful landascapes, such as mountains, lakes etc. Turin, for example, or some town of Bavaria (Regensburg, etc.), would be ok for me.
if I had to leave, I wouldn't mind living in a city with no access to the sea.

I agree with you and my second criteria is climate

Light Green area is excellent for me, such as Po Valley, Georgia and Istanbul.
Here I am going to agree with your statement buddy. I am also living in the one city of the USA. I really agree with your thoughts about the USA. By the way would you like to tell me little about you? Are you a traveling freak?? Have you ever visited the USA?
San Francisco Bay Area (hometown) :heart:
Stockholm (y)
London (y)
Barcelona :grin:
Auckland :giggle:
I don't know man. I have been to so many places and realized the world ain't all that. I just want to find peace within myself. :unhappy:
^^To each their own: summers where it rarely goes above 55 degrees Fahrenheit is not what I would consider ideal.

The climate in San Diego is pretty ideal imo, but you have to be brain dead to want to live there. I need a symphony orchestra, opera, the ballet, museums, art galleries, within reach, and a vibrant intellectual scene in general.

Plus, unfortunately, California as a whole is sinking under the weight of its own stupid governmental decisions.
I don't know about city, I prefer more nature , Ireland seems also pretty nice

Bucharest or cluj due to beautiful women and good nightlife
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Despite having all the typical problems of a Latin American metropolis, the only place where I feel absolutely happy is my hometown, Belo Horizonte. I know that foreign tourism rarely goes beyond the Brazilian coast. In the Brazilian Southeast, the foreign tourists stay basically in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The following video give the perception of two foreign tourists who came to Rio for the 2022 end of year festivities and also the carnival 2023 and resolve to give a quickly escape to inland and surprised by the soft temperatures in the middle of the Brazilian summer peak and also with the relative tranquility of an inland Brazilian metropolis that have 6,000,000 people. It’s interesting, at lest for me, see other people having the same sensation that I have.

From all the cities I've visited I'd choose Florence or Rome. I love the architecture, atmosphere, food, people, and mentality. I feel myself very comfortble there, and I'd like to live there for some time

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