Interactive map of Belgium

I am wondering what writing is that? (the one in your website that is not English)?

Your interactive map is interesting, usually for outings we use GPS, from Garmin it's good, and besides Europe we also have Australia and South East Asia.
Are you Russian living in Belgium?
Ok, I guess I will be the first one to welcome you here. I hope you like it here in our forum.
That is a very cool map, VMS! Thanks so much for sharing! I love how I can look at so many pics of each city by just clicking the red dots.

Are you thinking about expanding it at all? I would really like to see the whole Europe in your site!
Hi VMS and welcome on the forum ! :wave:

I see you have had the same idea as me of an interactive map of Belgium. The difference is that mine links to information pages, while yours has pop-up with pictures. That is certainly a good way of discovering a region in just a few clicks.

I see you have been to a lot of places too. It would be nice if you could upload some of your pictures on the Europe Gallery. :)

Incidentally, what are you favourite cities in the Benelux ?
Hi Maciamo,

First, thank you once more for your excellent site!
Hm... my favorite cities? Difficult question...
Definetly Luxembourg, Dinant, Utrecht, Ieper. Next - Gent, Brugge, Antwerpen, Leuven, Maastricht, Delft. And many many others :)

Regarding pictures - may be the following will be better.
1. I'll place the relevant link to your pages (if exist) for every point of interest on my interactive map.
2. May be (if you like) you'll place a link to my map somewhere at your site.

Please, let me know regarding p.1. If you agree, please provide me an icon (no more than 16x16), which will point to your site.

I see that you haven't got so many pictures of Walloon cities. In my top 5 I would certainly include Namur, the capital of Wallonia, as well as Luxembourg, Maastricht, Bruges and either Brussels or Amsterdam.
Thank you for the link, VMS! and welcome! :v: :hey:

I have never been to Belgium, but such map is a good way to find out things about the country. :)

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