Interesting correlation R1a/ostrogaths


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While reading the article "Geographic Spread and Ethnic Origins of European Haplogroups and Subclades", I came across the map labled "Distribution of Haplogroup R1a is Eurasia".
On the map are displayed two regions where the R1a percentage is 50%.
What I found most striking was that the band on the left, which runs roughly from Germany to the Crimea, seemed to mirror very closely the extent of the Ostrogothic kingdom at its height under Ermanarich just before the Hunnish invasion.
I am certainly not pretending to suggest an "aha!" moment, especially as the Ostrogothic hegemony did not last very long (aside from a pocket in the crimea). What I am looking for is input from others as to what they may think. For example, has there ever been a suggestion that R1a may have a higher concentration among those of the Eastern Germannic branch?
Sorry about the ostrogoths spelling up in the subject - my typing is less than substandard.

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