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Hi all,

I decided to do the BigY with Ftdna just for the hell of it, but realise now I am way out of my depth and my grasp of the results is shaky at best! Embarrassingly, I think based on my level of knowledge (not great) the BigY was overkill. In any case, I am trying to improve my knowledge of this stuff by reading up, but thought I'd drop a question here too. This whole process is made all the more strange that given my autosomal ancestry, I2 was not the haplogroup I was expecting (surprises are good though!)

I am a little confused: basically, I checked my results today and on one hand it says that my results are in, and I am I-P37, but on the other hand it is still saying that my results are being analysed (I gather they analyse the results in bits, and I have reached the YDNA111 level of depth).

So will the results eventually go deeper than I2a1, i.e. will it tell me eventually if I am I2a1a or I2a1b? Will it go further than this and identify the sub branch of I2a1a or I2a1b? Is it possible the info is already there and I am just not able to understand? I guess I am confused as it says results completed, but I was expecting a greater level of depth.

Many thanks in advance!
Hi! I am too haplo ‘I2’... more specifically the slavic branch ‘CTS10228’ . I think you need only to wait in order to have a more in-depth result.
You need also to remember that haplos are not big contributors to our dna..

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Thanks Gabriele, yes my limited understanding is that our mtdna and y haplogroups contribute only a small portion of our "ethnicity", although what I like about the haplogroups is that while the autosomal results are "faceless", the YDna results relate more directly to individual humans, from my dad to my grandad etc...

But yes, point taken about not trying to predict Y Haplogroups based on ethnicity (although I was seriously expecting R1b).

In any case, at the moment when I go to the haplotree everything is either in yellow (predicted/presumed positive), or in blue (downstream). I guess as you say it's just waiting now for these to turn green (confirmed positive).

Thanks again!
Thanks Exercitus. I've been reading up and yes, the British Isles subclade is one option. However, while I was born in the UK, my father is actually from Northern Spain, and traces his paternal lineage back to Brittany within the last 200 years or so, so my Northern European half comes from my mother. We will see! I will update when ftdna finish their analysis.

Cheers 👍

They way you describe it, you already got your Y111 results? If you do, you can already predict roughly under which larger subbranch (L161, L233, M26 etc) you fall.
I also recommend to join the I2a project on FTDNA if you haven't already. There are some very helpful admins.
Hi Armatus, I definitely will join a project at some point. At the moment my analysis has taken me as far as a predicted (not yet confirmed) i-p37, but no further than that, so I don't know yet if I'm i-m423 or i-cts595. So all I know at this point is that I'm I2a1, but still eager to find out which branch.
If you have your Y37 or Y111 results you can post them here or send me a PM and I'll have a look at them. The large subbranches of I2a1 can be really easily identified just by STRs, M423 and CTS595 can be distinguished 100%.
Gabriel Pashaj are you at yfull or Ftdna ??? Have you done the Big Y, which gave this final result I-CTS10228 ?? There are very few Albanians under the I-CTS10228 (or I-Y3120) !!

I have been tested thorugh ‘Living dna ‘ ... ‘very few’ ... I mean, in the south of Albania they are circa the 11.2 % .
If you have matches at Y67 or Y111, check whether they have taken BigY, maybe they have a more precise haplogroup. Also, it takes a few days to about a week to get everything functions working, matches are the last one to come, if you have any.

I tested my father and a maternal uncle, in both case, the projet were very useful.
So looks like I'm I2 "isles"! Specifically IY3723: http: //

My dad is from Galicia in NW Spain but traces his paternal lineage back to Brittany, so just trying to speculate on how it got there. Celtic groups from the Highlands making its way down the West Coast of the Isles down into the SW of England and then pushed into Brittany during the migration period?
We split at I-L460, with your ancestors following P37 (M423/CTS137 > L161 > S2639 > L1498) and my ancestors following P214 (M223 > M284 > L126 > Y4751), about 21,000 ybp (19,000 bce), around the end of the Gravettian period (~28,000-~20,000 ybp), which was replaced by 1) the Solutrean in France and Spain and 2) the Epi(-)Gravettian in the Balkans, which were refugia to which humans (I1/I2?) retreated during the Last Glacial Maximum.


You should join the Y-DNA Haplogroup I-P37 (I2a) Project at to get feedback on and guidance in interpreting your Big Y results from the administrators and other serious researchers. You should also join your surname project.

Don't expect your Big Y matches to connect to your genealogical tree. My earliest known paternal ancestor was born in 1757, presumably in Ireland. My most recent Big Y match shares an unknown common ancestor with me who lived in or around County Armagh, Ulster, sometime in the 16th century, so, in my case, there is at least a 200-year gap. As more people test and match my private SNPs, new nodes will be created on the Haplotree that will progressively close that gap, especially if you can get known relatives to test.

Contact your matches, especially on your home branch, and see if they know where their paternal line comes from and how far back, preferably before railroads, when people tended to stay put. Then see if you can connect the dots.
Keep checking back on your Big Y results. After the initial assignment of a terminal SNP, FTDNA does a manual review that can lead to a new terminal SNP further downstream. That happened to me a few days after my initial Big Y results. A new haplogroup was named, downstream of my initial haplogroup, that two of my matches and I were moved into, leaving one of my matches still in the initial haplogroup and my fourth match in a related branch.

Also, I recommend a website called SNP Tracker. If you enter your terminal SNP it will give you an estimated timeline, a map that shows the migration path of your haplogroup and identify any aDNA samples that have been found in your lineage.

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