Ireland famous tourist places

Hi Christopher,
For getting the complete knowledge of a place you must contact with some tours and travel company because they are the people who can guide you in a better way or you can contact this also.
Ireland is the Island in North Atlantic. Its most famous tourist places are: Ring of karry, Kilmainham Goal, The Burrem, King john's Castle, National Library of Ireland, and Dublin zoo. Dublin zoo is the largest zoo of Ireland. It is located in [FONT=arial, sans-serif] Phoenix Park. This zoo[/FONT] is 28 hectares wide.[FONT=arial, sans-serif] It has lakes and wonderful habitats over 400 animals. Many rare species of animals, reptiles and birds are found in it.[/FONT]
I want to know top famous places in Ireland...I want to go there..

Let me perhaps ask the burning question that is on many people's minds - what do you like?

Your question is similar to asking what the top famous places in the USA are because you want to go there. We can certainly find you a list of famous places in any country, but there's no way you would be able to see them all in a reasonable amount of time.
My uncle have been there visited in Ireland many of the time with his wife, He was saying about the experience which he collected during his tours. He was apparently saying that it was very marvelous tour of my life and we really enjoyed there but still I want to go there as soon as possible. I will also try to go there.
My father is just pondering about the Ireland's attractions where he can go during his tour. I think Kiyara your post will be enough for him, With the help of this post, He can make his plan easily. keep sharing like this Guys. I will also go there in my future.
Yeah, sure it will be a remarkable tour for you. After reading your post, I can say that you are very excited about your tour, So best of luck for your tour. And would like to say that don't forget to share your views after coming back, Until Will wait for your to read your experience.
Yeah I am still here to read your views after coming back. By the way, I am also planning to organize a tour with the I am very excited about it would you like to suggest me something about it.

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