Is haplogroup D actually the Sumerians of Ancient Mesopotamia?


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The haplogroup D, a male lineage mainly distributed in Japan, Tibet, and the Andamanese islands, is the third oldest human Y haplogroup in the world, only younger than haplogroup A and B. Considering that they entered East Asia by crossing the Iranian Plateau, and its sibling subclade, haplogroup E, are distributed all over the Middle East, it is possible that haplogroup D has also been living in Mesopotamia between the two rivers for a very long time. The ancient Sumerians were called the "black-headed ones", I read that some ethnic groups in Tibet also called themselves the "black-headed people", which is too hard to be a coincidence.

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The ancient Sumerian statue and the face of the Jomon, notice how similarly the shape of eyes and the way they gaze are alike.




Ancient Sumerian artifacts.



Jomon-Period artifacts

When I look at the Jomon Japanese culture, it always gives me a strong vibe that somehow they are related to ancient Sumerians in mysterious ways.


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I really don't see how the Sumerians could be more closely related to the Jomons or Tibetans than to neighbouring Middle Eastern populations.
I really don't see how the Sumerians could be more closely related to the Jomons or Tibetans than to neighbouring Middle Eastern populations.
What about their Y haplogroup? There are reports about some rare cases of branch D0, a deep-rooting DE lineage detected in some males from Syria.
Someones see ressemblances (here the eyes) where I can't find any. And as already said, we have to beware of paintings and statues. This Jômon reconstitution is dubious IMO.
As Maciamo I don't think we have any element of proof linking Sumerians to Thibetans and even less to Jomon people (of what time?). If Sumerians had had some ties with Jômons it would have been through very remote common ancestros, I never heard of a return of recent (Neolithic???) Jômons people to West. Have we any bit of Y haplo D found in Mesopotamia todate, ancient or current ???
Some ancient myths about "first" Sumerians described them as high statured people come by sea, so? We have to avow we know very few about the ssupposed "true and first" Sumerians on the physical aspect.
Inventing a connection with the Jomon people doesn't make any sense. If D0 was present among the Sumerians, it could only have been in completely negligible traces, a leftover from early modern humans. D is a very ancient haplogroup and predates the West/East-Eurasian split, yet alone the differences of comparably recent ethnic groups. I think it is plausible to assume that the Sumerians were dominated by haplogroups like J, T and perhaps even L.
No, I'm 99% sure Sumerians were J1

This is yet another attempt, in line with afrocentrism, to appropiate an ancient (Abrahamic) culture

And I think you were trying to say something like "haplo E is Egypt, haplo D is Mesopotamia, we created civilization"

But the truth is Y-DNA DE is African and Y-DNA CF is Eurasian

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