Is This Really My Terminal Subclade?


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Hi everyone,

I just received my results from the Geno 2.0 test I took a few weeks back. My yDNA was reported as "G-PF2822" before I clicked to enter the main discussion page. Once I clicked to view the yDNA, it placed me within Haplogroup G, specifically G2a3-L30. L30 was the most downstream SNP listed, which leaves me very confused because there are two L30 subclades of G2a3 which apparently comprise the overwhelming majority of all men with G2a3 yDNA. It may be possible, I suppose, that my own terminal SNP is L30 and nothing more, but so far apparently only one other man has tested positive for G2a3 without also testing positive for its two subclades. So my questions are:

1) Does Geno 2.0 purport to tell you your terminal/most downstream SNP in its yDNA testing? In other words, is it possible that I'm one of the two G2a3-L30 subclades but the test just doesn't "go that far"? I've emailed Geno 2.0 this question and am awaiting a response.

2) Why do my results say "G-PF2822" before I click on them, but once I enter the discussion page the terminal subclade there's no trace of that, it just shows a line with various mutations eventually leading to L30 (but no further).

Any help with this?? Thanks

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