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I feel I must post this. If you are ever visiting the UK you must try to visit the Isle of Man. It is a small island in the middle of the Irish sea and seems to get overlooked by a lot of European tourist guides. It is only 10 miles east to west and 30 miles north to south, but is one of the treasures in the British Isles. It is classed as a Crown Dependancy and has it's own parliament called the Tynwald. It is not part of the EU, but has a special relationship with the EU which allows trade. Their history is a mix of celtic and Viking and they are proud of their past. They have their own language called Manx, which is a gaelic dialect. There are no native speakers as the language almost died out, but there is a revival going on and it is taught in schools and colleges.
For more info try this site
I watch the Isle of Mann TT race every year. Dangerous..but fantastic bike racing. That's how they make most of thier tourism me thinks, because it's a huge event drawing world class riders.
Um...race the TT race? lol I don't think there's much there other than that one event.. It just seems like a real quiet little town.
I watch the races every year too. Have every intention of attending one year, but no intentions of racing it myself.
I love the Manx TT. I'd love to race in it, but then I also want to try the Paris-Dakar. I've been told I'm not right in the head. :)
I suppouse from a historical cultural point of view it has interest as preserving something of a viknig and celtic heritage but, nothing special that ireland wales and scotland hasnt.

Brittainy included (bah spelling..) and until recently cornwal and devon had a celtic like language. Or brythonic or sommin.

Anyway, basicly apart from the motorbike racing and the piculiarity (, too early for this..) of its unique status i guess the only way to really find out whats so great about the isle of man is to go there and find out.

If history isnt your thing, motorbike racing isnt your thing, and holidays anywhere but the tropics and/or mediterranean party islands isnt your thing, you should probably forget it.

But if you do like those things, dont mnid exploring around, and have the spare time, seems a reasonably interesting place to go.

I have seen some fantastic snaps of Isle of Man,one of very peaceful and calm places in the UK.Isle of Man is having a population as low as 100000 and there major economic source is the agriculture.The land is fertile and rich for farming of season vegetables and strawberry.
Great place to visit in summers.

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