Italian Coffee Culture


that is the only decent, good coffee machine................the big industrial ones are fine except most baristers burn the coffee due to raising the temperature of the machine. There is a barister school in Australia and one can taste the difference between these taught and non-taught baristers.
I don't like coffee from percolator. You cannot control the temperature of the water. The water boils getting through coffee ground bringing out all the bitterness from coffee.

The optimum temperature of water in coffee making is around 80 C. If you want a cheap coffeee maker, then French press or a coffee dripper such as Chemex

As I stated Italians are masters at making coffee machines that can cost anything from $50 to $30,000 (industrial machines). One doesn't need an expensive coffee maker. A decent coffee maker can cost around $200-$300.

A good recipe in coffee making is obtaining quality beans. Some coffee snobs roast beans themselves. I buy roasted coffee (Arabica) grown in central or south America. I don't mind Indonesian and east African coffee either. I grind coffee beans and I make coffee in an espresso machine.
Hi everyone! I work as a street barista. I had the opportunity to visit Italy a year ago. It was a 4 weeks vacation. Being there, I couldn't miss the chance to discover they're coffee culture. So I visited a few local coffee shops, had a talk with the baristas, saw how they do it and come back to England with the secrets. "Veni, vidi, vici" as they say. My wish was to make italian coffee in my country. I ordered some custom coffee sleeves from with printed italian symbols (to make the cups look as much italian as possible) and tried my best to deliver un caffee classico. Now I often get Italian tourists and even the local clients love it.

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