J-L70 Templar Line? (According to my paternal genealogy)


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Found an interesting link to the Perrin family. I think I finally found the origin of this family. It's with Peter I. Son of King Louis IX. Not sure If they are direct descendants of Peter I or named after him. What is certain, based on my family coat of arms that even Daniel "The Huguenot" Perrin wore on his signet ring when coming to America in 1665. Whom I'm a direct paternal descendant(Pierre, Peter and Perrin are interchangeable.) I'm fairly confident they were a Templar family.


Interesting bits: The founding of this family(records) were found in the House of Anjou. - The Capetian House of Anjou was a royal house and cadet branch of the direct French House of Capet, part of the Capetian dynasty. It is one of three separate royal houses referred to as Angevin, meaning "from Anjou" in France. Founded by Charles I of Anjou, the youngest son of Louis VIII of France, the Capetian king first ruled the Kingdom of Sicily during the 13th century. Later the War of the Sicilian Vespers forced him out of the island of Sicily, leaving him with the southern half of the Italian Peninsula — the Kingdom of Naples. The house and its various branches would go on to influence much of the history of Southern and Central Europe during the Middle Ages, until becoming defunct in 1435. link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capetian_House_of_Anjou

This bit below is a Google Translation from this: https://bit.ly/34O8CBW

HELLAUT DE VALLIÈRE . Comte d'Alençon, swore on the Gospels
The arms of Perriers are: Azure , sown to observe his wishes. In 1319, La Perrière
of tears gold ; the lion of the same , armed , was affignée for part of the shares granted to Prince Louis , son of the third wife lampassé & crowned with appetizers , stitching of Philippe DE Valois; but by the shares on the whole.

Philip made the same April 23, 1326, in Perrin , formerly PERIN, PIERCHARLES, Count of Alençon, it is reserved the RIN or Pairin, former Family, Castle outcome of the Ferriere & one of Belleme , of noble race & line , established in Castres, in & the right to take in the forest of Bel- | Languedoc, & divided into several branches. even the wood necessary for the use of its NextunMemoir , or a Notice sent , Castles . It is quite probable that Ma on this ancient Nobleffe, at the Libraire, & haut de Saint - Paul , widow of Charles, enjoys what was given to us on July 15, 1775, as a dower of these two Castles , or that they mark that it is today divided into him were ceded at that time by the same four remaining branches , & which it draws PHILIPPE DE Valois. They did not form part of its origin from that ofla Baulme - Saint of the goods which returned to Charles after the Amour , Lord of Balme-sur-Cerdon, in death of Louis. However, we see that in Brefle, which fubfiftoit in 1086. The filiation following the Château de Bellême & that of the follow-up of this Family begins in Perrière are found in the Maison D'ANJOU.

The book goes on to list other Perrin family members from this line.

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