J1 subclade?


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I have been tested from 23andme and found that I belong to the J1 Haplo, with no further explanations on my subclade. I run the ISOGG predictor (2016) and looks like my downstream positive matches stop really early, on M267/PF4782, with no further green matches. Plus, there are many negative matches downstream, such as the major group P58 (P56 as well, plus and other various subclades etc).
Since I am new in genetics, does that mean that MAY my haplo didnt take any mutations from PF4782 on, and so this is my terminal subbranch (J1)? Is this possible? Further more, the fact that I scored negative on P58 EXCLUDES 100% all the dowstream subclades so mine - in case the PF4782 is not the terminal, should be searched upstream (not many canditates left). And how can I be 100% sure about my terminal clade?

Are you native Austrian or Jewish Austrian? I have a 23andme to but how do you run the ISOGG tree?

I'm an Italian who scored positive for a version of P58, called L829, that branches off into a European version and a Middle Eastern Version.

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