J2 in Austria and in Germany


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I understand that is some areas from Austria, the percentage of J2 is quite significant.
I do not have exact studies, just seen a claim that Salzburg might have 20% J2.
If you have any studies about J2 in Austria, including in the Ladin minority, could you post here?

Also, seems some areas of Germany have some J2, going even up to 9% in some areas - that should be in Baden.
So if you have studies about J2 in Germany you can also post here.

How J2 got in Austria and Germany, that I have no idea.
parts of Austria have been inhabited by Illyrians! Illyrians as the sample from Croatia shows have been heavily J2b2 people, of the Bronx period.
Secondly: J2 was a big component of Indo-European population. Its present across Europe and South Asia. So it could have come there through Indoeuropeans
Consider that an ancient presence of J2 in Europe, although at the time less widespread at the statistical level, is also attested in periods prior to the metal age, during the late Neolithic period, and is located close to the Danube area, among the Eastern Slavonia and Hungary (cultures of of Sopot and Lenguel), therefore not far from the Austro-German territories.



Without taking anything away from some possible branches of J2 subsequently arrived with the Indo-European invasions, as regards its presence in Germany, being more attested in the south/western and Rhenish area, I suspect that in the latter case the contribution of the settlers and the Roman military was not negligible.

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