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Hello everyone. I tested myself on 23andme one year ago and my father on LivingDNA few months ago. On 23andme I carry j-M205. My father scored J-m102 which is really weird. Yes, I'm sure he is my father due to the DNA we share on gedmatch.
Which one should I trust ?

I'm 100% from the venetian coast as my great great - fathers .
It’s normal, Companies deep test the Haplogroup sub-clades at different levels.

You are both at least J-M205

If you want to find out if J-M205 is your Final, you need to do further Y testing.
Hello, I have open J2-M205 thread here: https://www.eupedia.com/forum/showthread.php?t=34743

You are free to participate and also you can help us with doing more advance Y test. 23andme is not good for Ydna exploration.

Its most likely because for some reason (maybe no reads), your father has been confirmed only up to M102+ while you have been confirmed up to M205+. There is almost no doubt that you two belong to same group.

M205 is also part of M102. It goes like this:

It would be good if you both would test 37 markers in FTDNA which would confirm your close connection with your father.

And helpful for entire M205 if one of you would do WGS test like bigY-700.

Best regards cousins ;)

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Anyways, this is a bit old but i want to say that i didn't notice first time that your dad was tested in Living DNA, so the answer is that Living DNA most likely does not test M205 SNP under the M12. It probably tests for M241.

So to conclude yes both you and your dad are same haplogroup but 23andme has tested a bit further:


As i said we have so far two identified M205 branches in Yfull from South Italy, and since you are from North it would be good if you do WGS test and upload to Yfull.

Dantelabs would do https://www.dantelabs.com/products/whole-genome-sequencing?variant=30759474593927

Currently €169.00 EUR saving €680.00 EUR
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