Jesus, Son of Mary, Never Claimed Divinity - Proof From The Gospels

Saul of Tarsus used to persecute the followers of Jesus till he had a dream. The dream of a blanket with lizards appearing on the blanket. Saul saw that as a revelation that gentiles (lizards) should be included. Saul became Paul. He preached to the gentiles against all the other apostles who were attempting to convert Jews to the new faith. I read the Apostles' Letters in case you wonder.
Here is a really good discussion on why Jesus is not god by a former Christian Youth Minister

The answer is simpler than you think. Because God doesn't exist.
I'm sure you don't agree with it. You are a spiritual person anyway and sort of conspiracy theorist, right?

Sure he does exist. You know that, too, but that is the discussion of a different topic.

Whoa, what commotion did I miss?

Anyways, I maybe a spiritual person myself however it's really up to the person to decide weather God exists. If you believe in a Devine being than more power for you but I'm afraid that is more a matter of faith rather than material evidence.
It is also claimed according to the Jewish Talmund that Jesus is the son of a Roman soldier with the name of Panthera.
You mean Pantera? Never really got into that band, I own one album from them but I may be missing a lot. I can't say they're bad, it's just that I haven't given them the same amount of attention I gave other bands. Maybe I should know what I'm missing?
Jesus Son of Mary Never Claimed Divinity Proof From The Gospels

never heard of this drama before. only find out from here. after reading the synosis, it look interesting. anyone know where can we still watch online?

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