Julius Caesar ordered the genocide of the Menapii, but the clade R1b-Z16340 survived

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At school, Belgian history began with the conquest by Julius Ceasar, 58 BC.

Julius Caesar claims to have subjected all the Belgian tribes. But us was told, the Menapii living in the swamps in the northwest were never completely subjected.
Now it appears that this may be true, and even the Menapii subclade would be identified as R1b1a1a2a1a2c1b1aZ16340, a subclade of R1b-L21.
They were related to the Veneti in the Morbihan and were forming a naval trading nation.
They were the only Belgian tribe that didn't subject to Caesar.
The next step taken by Julius Caesar was to donate the territory of the Menapii to the Usipetes and the Tencteri, 2 Germanic tribes on the run for the Suebi.
But the swamps offered the Menapii sufficient protection and hideouts to prevent genocide.
Then Caesar put in 5 cohortes, i.e. 30.000 armed soldiers to submit tribe with a population of a mere 65.000 people.
Still some Menapii went on to found new colonies in Ireland and Sweden.
Survivors of the clade R1b-Z16340 have now be identified in Flanders, Ireland and Sweden.
YFull will test more people and in their next version they'll include this clade downstream R1b-S5668 and upstram of R1b-FGC9775.
Story to be continued ..

in French : http://menapii.forumactif.be/t2-genetique-et-histoire-des-menapiens

in English : http://www.normanmongan.com/books/menapia-quest/

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