kingjohn living dna results

last update with ftdna raw data upload and the latest with new regions
have to admit they pretty much nail it :)

the balkan % is now to high in my opinion .....
i think the truth is somewhere in the middle maybe 13-15% balkan
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i ask living dna :
why the big gap in results between living dna results with with there own test
and upload from ftdna raw data

there answer : ( different chip/ different set of markers ):unsure:

Hi Adam,

Thanks for getting in touch, and for your patience while we have been so busy.

When we say we use the 'Orion chip' or the 'Siruis chip', this refers to the physical plate we place your DNA on when we test it and generate your raw data.

As your ftdna raw data was generated by a different company, they will have used a different chip to get their results.

Not only will they be using a different chip, but they will also be looking for different markers in your DNA, as all testing companies have done their own research and built different reference panels with different genetic markers for each region they call for.

This means that ftdna might not have included some of the markers we call 'South Italy' in their testing, meaning that there is less DNA we would call South Italian in that file.

There is a helpful article on Your DNA Guide which may help to explain further.

I hope this helps!
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