Kurgan theory


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I think it makes sense if one imagines the earliest expansions not as massive cavalry invasions but long-term border raiding that leads to the slow depopulation and displacement of the raided population and the raiders gradually expanding into the depopulated land.
but from other articles, Ms Gimbutus theories seem to be revisited by many

is there any specific site where could be found all the works an theories from Maria Gimbutas?

it would be even more clever if we can compare every revisionistic stance here on her assumptions coz I guess she mostly hypothesize which culture how migrated and how influenced each other!?
if Gimbutas theory of Matriarchat is under revision from Cynthia Eller in her book The Myth of Matriarchal Prehistory: Why An Invented Past Will Not Give Women a Future, there is wiki article about it, then why not to assume that also all other theories would be also somehow personally biased eg. the slavic theory etc., why not to assume that its true that her theories could be wrong in and from many aspects, not that she dont know what she was talking, but in best case is proposing half-true hypothesis in her works which accidentally became mainstream theories!?
The simple idea that a Matristic society has to be necessary Peaceful for exemple is completely biased.

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