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I was originally given 1.2% Pashtun, but took this to indicate ancient Aryan ancestry from the Steppe, as since R1a Y-DNA is typically East European and K mtDNA goes all the way to China. My percentage has since updated to 100% European with the free sample test.

Also, it would appear to be whatever DNA doesn't fit into the majority, because that for me is British Isles and especially England, but the other amount given me was Aegean at 7.6% and that wouldn't seem to fit either. That's been updated to Balkan blood for someone else posting here who still has a full account, but this shows up for me on MDLP and not Eurogenes.

Whatever I have from across the shores of the North Sea and Channel are too alike to be so distinct enough for their own percentages. I am roughly 65.625% or 21/32 Germanic and 34.375% or 11/32 Celtic by Ancestry DNA and My True Ancestry, whose calculators are tuned to Eurogenes, even though Eurogenes itself doesn't place Celtic high unless this includes Cornish or Orcadian.
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