LivingDNA Ethnicity Estimate (23andMe Raw DNA upload)


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Ethnic group
English, Scottish, Irish, French, German, Belgian
Y-DNA haplogroup
J-m67/ J2
mtDNA haplogroup
H/ H1
It's going to take a few hours for the update to complete so here are my results.

Pre update LivingDNA Results:

Great Britain & Ireland 78.3%

East Anglia 21.5%

South England 14.8%

Central England 10.7%

Aberdeenshire 9.2%

Northern Ireland & Southwest Scotland 7.9%

Ireland 4.3%

Northumbria 4.1%

Southeast England 2.2%

Northwest Scotland 2%

Southcentral England 1.6%

Europe (North & West) 21.7%

South Germanic 18.3%

Scandinavia 3.4%

AncestryDNA results:

England & Northwestern Europe 39%

Scotland 34%

Ireland 9%

Wales 8%

Germanic Europe 6%

Sweden & Denmark 4%

23andme Results:

British & Irish 51.7%

French & German 48.2%

Unassigned 0.1%

Myheritage (23andMe Raw DNA data upload):

North & West European 88.2%

Scandinavian 7.9%

North African 2.2%

Nigerian 0.9%

Finnish 0.8%

I'd like to see LivingDNA results from forum users who have no know British Ancestry and some other northwest Europeans.
I checked LivingDNA and my results have finished updating.
There is no change to my results interestingly.
I think that this website is over assigning British & Irish.

My Gedmatch kit numbers:



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