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LivingDNA, which offers the best ancestry DNA test at the moment, has discounted its test (autosomal + Y-DNA + mtDNA) from $159 only $119 (or from 159€ to 129€ for EU residents, and from 120£ to 99£ for British people) for DNA Day. The discount is valid from today until 26th April. Follow one of the links below to claim your discount.

Don't forget, the DNA Day discount is only valid for 3 more days, until 26th April.

In case you missed my review, Living DNA tests 22,500 Y-DNA SNPs (10 times more than 23andMe) and 4,500 mtDNA SNPs (practically all the known defining mutations of haplogroups and deep clades) as well as 650,000 autosomal SNPs (a bit more than 23andMe), including medically relevant data which can be used to generate health reports on third-party websites like Promethease, Interpretome, GenoMapp, CodeGen, Impute or LiveWello. It is three times cheaper than FTDNA's Comprehensive Genome test, but is more accurate for Y-DNA haplogroup assignment and for the autosomal report. I think this is an amazing deal.

Living DNA is the only company that offers an autosomal ancestry breakdown for regions within the UK (21 in total). They currently working on the regional analysis for Ireland and Germany, and other countries should follow this year. This is revolutionary as instead of getting very broad predictions about one's ancestry being from Northwest Europe of Central Europe or the like, customers will soon have the percentages for the exact region within each country that match their DNA.
I've ordered it, I can't wait for the results
I'll post my results when I get them.

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