Looking for Autosomal Analysis Services: ideal diets, health risks etc.


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Basically title.
Has anyone used any of these services.
I mainly wanted to get back in a Ketogenic diet, however being vegetarian in my country, trying to accommodate both is going to be really challenging.
So before I do anything that drastic, I wanted to use my Autosomal file for health/nutrition analysis, tried google searching however, would like to hear from you guys, did you use any such service? Which one? Would you recommend it?

Also, I did my Autosomal test over 2 years ago through FTDNA, using some similar services some genes had no call, or weren't tested for, did any of you have such issues?
Brother just stick to Intermittent Fasting and simply eliminate processed foods and reduce bad carbs. There?s no need to be vegetarian in Albania where you can find butchers or villagers that will provide proper organic meat to you.

Protein is crucial for your well-being and health in general, especially as a man.

Such 23andme-like tests are still in their infancy and won?t give you reliable data/answers.
Thanks for the concern Dushman.

I have my reasons for being vegetarian(ethical, practical, etc). And as you said, its not the easiest option in the Balkans. Especially regarding protein source. But I got accustomed and found ways around it. It just ends up being more expensive than if I was a meat eater.

Primarily I am looking for such a gene interpreting site to base my diet around, and if for some reason a more Paleo diet suits me, I would be willing to even change my diet.

Nebula so far looks interesting. I was wondering if there is other services and if anyone has any experience with them.

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