Map of J2b and it's two major clades

J2b1 and J2b* from Armenia as well. So it could be that some steppe nomad who was J2b1 went to Bulgaria with the Bulgars or was himself a Bulgar, or Crimean Tatars could bring this haplogroup during the Ottoman rule.

Omg ........
ITs proto Canaanite, Phoenician, EBA I Jordanian mountains....

And spread in multiple sublcades from Lebanon and Palestine all the way to Cyprus, Sardinia, Spain and England in multiple branches with separation time up to 6000 years. Also closest relatives bypassing Turkey and Bulgaria, therefore they even flied or sea traveled.

It has no connection to Tatars, Avars, Hungarians and other Middle Age hordes of uncivilisation. You mistaken J2-M205 with Hungary where you live.
This thread is from 2013, everything said about J2-M205 is wrong, including map of M205.


No there is no connection. J2-M205 spread thru Mediterranean in various clades which are distant up to 6000 years one from another. And Bulgaria neither Turkey have no connection to these clades, these clades spread most likely with ancient sea travellers.

For example only among Albanias we have 4 clades that separated 6000 years one from another. Furthermore main Balkan clade Y22059 has closest brother clades and matches in Palestine, Qatar, France, Sardinia, England and so on, with difference up to 6000 years.

Coming to point.

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Blevins13 strikes again

After his disapontment that he is not Mycenean,

After his yelding parenthesis that Myceneans were hg Ydna N1 and Finno-Ugric

still strikes again,

No matter the answer is given to him many times,
he still yelds about a fail effort of someone in a blog,
that he trust surely,

No matter the answer is given him many times,

yet even after this he will come back and tell us that Myceneans are Seima Turbino, so Fino-Ugric Siberians, so Ydna N1

PERHAPS Blevins never read about the Trialleti culture.
How typical of the ultras

Blevins13 to you
Greece might have more tumulus than whole Illyricum

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Blevins13 Tumuli density, in Greece
the more Mycenean, the higher density of tumulus

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wow lets compare this above, with Mycenean world,


WOW tumuli density follows the Mycenean dwelling density

Blevins13, stop watching Mema, top channel and read stupid blogs and forums,
you have bombard us a lot, with this crap, of Seima-Turbino, taiga, Ydna N1, Fino-Ugric Myceneans
and the tumuli is Albanian and only Albanian,


I saw this map


Coming from the following paper

You claimed the opposite of what was claimed in the paper.
The paper claims that “tumulus burial are rare in Greek mainland during Bronze Age”

This an example of academic dishonesty under fabrication section.
Statement backed by fabrication of evidence.

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