Mental illness more damaging to happiness than poverty in rich countries


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From the Economist:

This study found that people suffering from common emotional problems like stress, anxiety or depression were 10% more likely to be unhappy than people living in poverty.

They claim that it would cost 20 times less to treat these emotional problems than to bring poor people out of poverty.

Will politicians listen and invest more in mental care?
nothing new here. I can confirm what is written in the article from experiences with various people. There is some truth in "Money doesn't make you happy". At least not if you have mental issues. But I have also realized these kind of mental problems are especially common in industrial nation, where everything is ordered (day life to work etc), and especially in countries where there is allot of paper work.
I know few with "demons" of depression and pessimism. It affects not only their self being but also everybody around. And they die much younger than they should.
Money helps a lot too. Since I achieved certain financial comfort level, I wake up happy every morning. Not because I think about money I have, but because thanks to money I have fewer problems and I have freedom of choices.

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