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There's an study in Mexico that analizes the Y chromosomes of "mestizos", thats is, the population that is the result of admixture between Spanish and Native American.

The weird thing is that they consider them to be 93% of the population according to onw account, even though there are like 20% of natives and 10% of Europeans in others.That should mean ~70% of mestizos.

That 93% could mean that only clearly white skin and strong native facial features(like prominent cheeks), and speaking a native language are consider outside of the mestizo spectrum?
Or they consider mestizo anyone with an Amerindian mt-DNA? We don't really know who is that 93%, and maybe the study doesn't even represent such a number in the first place.

Either way, it's very likely that, even eurodescendants being half the number of natives, it's very likely that whites have close to none Native haplogroups, while self-adscribed natives may have some. So we could really be underestimating Spanish Y-DNA.

Lets go with the results.
Those populations are 65% from Spain...
Particularly 50% are considered European. R1b represents 40%, with R*, I* and E1b1b being the rest.
And an additional 15% are called Eurasian, half is J and the rest is G, H and K*.

Then we have 31% of Native haplogroups. ~80% of those are Q1a3a.
The rest is african.
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We see the deserted areas in the north and west to be more Spanish. While the selvatic areas with dense prehispanic populations are more Indigenous, even though not much more.

African peaks in Jalisco and the south.
what is the afro-latin american haplogroup? E1b1a? or R1b-V88 branches?
And only an A or B.
But doesn't say too much really.

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