Minibus taxis in Portugal


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Hello everyone!:)
We (a group of 13 friends) are going to travel to Portugal independently and are looking for a private minibus to take us from Lisbon Airport to Lisbon and then from Lisbon to other cities. Don't want to take several cars as it's not that convenient for us.
Can anyone recommend us some good taxi/transfer services providing such vehicles?
Something like that but maybe a little cheaper.
P.S. Don't suggest Hoppa - they don't provide such minibuses for the dates we need.
Maybe you could rent a minibus from "Hertz", it is a pretty decent company for renting vehicles since I've used it recently although I do not think they have drivers which would be conveniant in a place you don't know. Maybe you could hire the two independently, or you could just go to a bus company since they have minibuses but it would be very expensive even when dividing by thirteen people. And the driver of those compnies has to stop half an hour for every three hours. Either way if I were you I'de rent a vehicle with GPS and take turns as drivers, it is the best the least expensive and the only way you can have full "freedom" to go where ever you want.
Hope I have been helpful somehow. :)

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