MSN shuts down its chatrooms


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MSN shuts down its chatrooms

Check this out. What excuses aren't they willing to find to make some extra money. I was angry to see a few month that the new MSN Explorer 8 had no free version, then to be assailed by emails to urge me to upgrade my hotmail account to get a bigger mailbox, then to have my pictures on MSN Photos deleted because they changed policy and were to keep only paying members' accounts. Finally, I got my hotmail account closed a few days ago for not signing in for a month (because I was in holiday and didn't use this account so much...). I could recover it, but all my previous mails and address book had been deleted.

Now they are making us pay to chat as well, under the pretext of minor protection (if you pay your children are safe, even if you don't have any).

I recommend to all of you who have a hotmail account or use other free MSN services to switch to Yahoo, (10Mb free !) or other services.
tsk tsk like microsoft doesnt have enough money already. i havent used hotmail as a main email account for a long time now. i just got way too much junk mail. i do still have one, though its used for junk mail or sites i need to give an address to that i dont trust too much.
That's what I say. Microsoft doesn't need anymore money. I've never used Hotmail. I have used the groups services and the MSN messenger, but I never liked them as much as Yahoo(which I've been using for years). I wound up never using the MSN messenger, so I just uninstalled it.
Msn isnt?t -sorry- wasn?t too bad but this....? Yes ...Microsoft is monopolising everything... can somebody kick Bill Gates ass for me, please?
thanks for the mention of fastmail (hadn't heard of it)
i know that whenever i send mail to someone else with a hotmail account, i get spammed INSTANTLY.
edit: sorry to see msn chat go though. there were some cuties out there!
Oooh ... :shock:

Hmmm ... by most people's standards, Microsoft is indeed making tons of money ... but the giant is starting to feel the 'pinch' of being a relative monopoly ... ... ... take a look at this report by Business - AP - 22 Sep

'The federal judge in the Microsoft Corp. antitrust trial ordered the software company Monday to pay Massachusetts $967,014.52 in attorney fees, less than half what the state had sought.

Microsoft, with a market capitalization of about $313 billion, has a cash hoard of $49 billion. Its 2003 sales were just over $32 billion.

Microsoft paid just over $300,000 in unpaid attorneys fees and provided about $19.7 million in vouchers for free computer hardware and software, including products from Microsoft's rivals.

Microsoft earlier agreed to pay $25 million in legal reimbursements to California, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota and Utah. The amount was divided among states based on how much they spent on the antitrust case. California bore the brunt of those legal costs.

Microsoft had earlier agreed to pay $10 million more in legal fees to New York, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina and Wisconsin. Those states agreed last year with the Justice Department to settle the case'

Future is not looking so bright for Microsoft ... :eek: ... so I wonder what is going to happen to consumers?

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