not sure......but my wife and children have K1a4* and was told it was eastern alpine origin

they found 26 of the 40 or more samples are hers ...................yours is here too

i think they sent her this

Whole mitochondrial DNA sequencing in Alpine populations and the genetic history of the Neolithic Tyrolean Iceman

V. Coia,a,1 G. Cipollini,1 P. Anagnostou,2 F. Maixner,1 C. Battaggia,2 F. Brisighelli,3,* A Gómez-Carballa,4 G. Destro Bisol,2,5 A. Salas,4 and A. Zink1

first change in my wife's mtdna ...............ftdna still state K1a4*

yfull states

HaplogroupSelected SNPKnown SNPNovelsUnrounded
age (ybp)
Rounded age (ybp)Age by all samples (ybp)
K1a4p20253705400 (700-19200)11300 (4200-24600)
− K1a431280258000 (1700-23300)15100 (12900-17500)
− K1-a4221068010700 (3000-27300)18600 (16900-20300)
− K15321333413300 (4400-31000)21900 (18500-25700)
− K>20000

K1a4p T16304C formed 15100 ybp, TMRCA 11300 ybp
Hi, I have K1a13 and my motherside is from northern france and belgium (greater Flanders)

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