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My mtDNA haplogroup result is N1'5 and I'm slightly baffled and intrigued by what this means. Most of known ancestry is very rooted in a small area of eastern England. My Y-DNA is an easier to explain/understand I1a1b1.

I'm struggling to find much information about N1'5 or what it might mean.

Can anyone help? Does anyone share it? How rare is it in Britain/Western Europe?

Thanks in advance for your help!
N1'5 means ancestral to both N1 and N5. It does seem to be rare.

I'm not sure if you know this yet but MW344641 is a GenBank sample collected from a resident of the United Kingdom for the study 'Mitochondrial DNA abnormalities provide mechanistic insight and predict reactive oxygen species-stimulating drug efficacy".

YFull's MTree lists this sample as N1'5*, like you.

The only other N1'5* that they currently list is YFull customer ID YF067724, who provided no information on nationality or ethnolinguistic background.

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