My 23 and Me Results compared to genealogy and Eurogenes (USA)


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Hi. I got my results about two weeks ago and have been trying to figure them out. I have been reading the info on this site and have found it tremendously informative.

I'm from the United States and have mostly NW European ancestry. Much of my genealogy is known.

60+% British (Mostly English. Some of these lines have been in America a long time and have not been traced back to Europe. I assume these are British based on surnames and early American demographics, but it's possible some of it's something else like French)
28% Danish (traced to Denmark)
~5% French
~3% German/Swiss German
1.6% Spanish
Some Native American (according to family tradition)

23 and Me says

38.6% British & Irish ("Highly Likely" for Britain; "Possible" for Ireland)
30.3% French & German ("Likely" for Switzerland; "Possible" for France; "Possible" for Germany)
9.1% Scandinavian ("Highly Likely" for Denmark)
0.7% Spanish & Portuguese
20.3% Broadly NW European
0.6% Broadly European
ZERO for Eastern European, Greek/Balkans, Italian, Ashkenazi

0.3% Native American
0.1% Broadly Sub-Saharan African
0.1% Unassigned

Y: I1 (probably Anglo-Saxon in my case)
Maternal: H1

Overall this looks reasonably accurate. They seem to filter out a lot of noise (0.0% for Italian, Eastern European, etc.) YET they did correctly detect my modest Spanish and Swiss ancestry which impressed me. I was initially puzzled by the very high F&G and low Scandinavian (my cousin is as Danish as me and came out 15% for comparison). If you move about 20% of the F&G to Danish and move the "Broadly NW" to Britain, it matches up pretty well with my genealogy. After some more digging I found a distant relative match who's full Danish and she was only 45% Scandinavian! I see that's pretty typical based on the autosomal maps here on this website (many thanks to whoever compiled all that information! I have no idea why 23 and Me doesn't have this info on their own site). So the 9% seems more or less consistent with my actual 28% Danish, but it requires some reinterpretation of the results.

For comparison, I ran Eurogenes K13

48.34% North Atlantic
21.69% Baltic
13.87% West_Med
10.18% West_Asian
3.42% South_Asian
0.47% Oceanian
0.44% Amerindian
0.36% East_Asian
0.06% Northeast_African
0.0% Sub-Saharan (this makes me think the 23 and me African is noise)

This is clearly aimed at more ancient ancestry. I've read some about the WHG-EEF-ANE populations, but I'm not quite sure how to interpret most of these results or what time period they refer to. I assume it's consistent with my background?

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