My haplogroup is R1b-V88; does this mean my original father was a Chadic negroid?



But the possibility of me having a Negroid ancestor on my paternal side is quite fascinating. I originally thought my Black behavior came from secret Roma ancestry or my Jewish; but it turns out it may be from Chad. What a fascinating discovery. No wonder I love Hip Hop music so much.
if i remember well there were also some V88 left in Jordan, who hadn't entered Africa
what do you know about your family ancestors?
But the possibility of me having a Negroid ancestor on my paternal side is quite fascinating. I originally thought my Black behavior came from secret Roma ancestry or my Jewish; but it turns out it may be from Chad. What a fascinating discovery. No wonder I love Hip Hop music so much.

How do you think it got to Chad? The branch shared by African has been found in Sardinians and split around 6,500 BC, probably in the northern Levant. If anything, this is one of the original branches of the Afro-Asiatic family. Who knows if any single male lineages can be tied directly to a language, but this line was certainly in the right place at the right time.

Ya Think???:grin:

As with children who misbehave, sometimes the best way to ensure the behavior is repeated is to pay a lot of attention to it.
The corollary to this has appeared on 23andme.

A Scot on 23andme, 100% European, the vast majority northern European, is yDna A3b2. This is in addition to the line found in York. It's fascinating. There's some speculation about Nubian archers in the Roman forces who were stationed at Hadrian's Wall, but who could have come at any time. The autosomal component could disappear in a couple of hundred years.
r1b chad not Negroid but cameroon r1b is Negroid becous mtdna. all Negrois in world becous mtdna eve befor adam maybe humans befor adam

if you v88 maybe you arab or turky. Chad and Cameron isolated. only slaves in usa from cameroon
and all is afroasian but cameroon went to negroid more than chad becous afroasian mtdna They do not have they have negroid mtdna
haplogroup R example we must use it

why R not like S Negroid south asian or Q brown native american

becous mtdna

if R have same relatives s and Q mtdna it be White and Blonde?

Cold weather is not Answer

becous Eskimo not white and not blonde

if r1b in europe have mtdna x today you will see the difference

becous mtdna x mother of all r1b and now in europe maybe 1% to 5%

about chad r1b came from near east

there tow branch in out eurpe 1 in neareast 2 in eastneareast

in neareast v88

in eastneareast now in neareast in arab m269 same eurpe but old more than europe 70% of europe under p312 and arab p312-

all area east turky and neareast m269 come to asia with r1a from sebeia

There will be two snps under m269

1 in east russia or west seberia with europian p312

2 in central asia with near east and turky if turky not v88

haplogroup R have It has a language Scientists say indo-europe
But the origin error

There is no relationship between r1a in indian and r1b in europe

but if origin R in seberian or russian

r1a Transfer Language to iran and indian Across Central Asia from Siberia

r1b m269+ p312+ to eurpoe

r1b m269+ p312- Transfer Language to Caucasus and neighboring

This almost correct way

But if r people continued say we come from indian
will lose everything

that haplogroup I but haplogroup I can not publish this language but haplogroup i is old in europe with v13 and g2 They have an ancient languages in Europe are present in the ancient inscription

Now scientists say j2 and Not everything scientists say is true, A lot of them do not know anything

j2 learn thise language when r1a come to indian was j2 in his home iran

j2 cant be indo-european and j2 in europe not more than 4000 years yeas there many snps j2 in europe make j2 10.000 but not 1 snp So you will return to Origin
Because all of these mutations are present there

in the end

indo-europe lang went to haplogruop r but Not as scientists previously thought

Who directed the rudder off course in this science tow teams

1- scandnavian team did not provide something useful for their people

They did not like the other asian to become indo-europe But because they are failures They can not persuade others
But because of the deception influenced r people they not fiest in europe and not indo-europe

The other thing messing with my group

m123 Emperor Rome Philip the Arab frome tribe m123 arabs. Who said that the Arab team j1 Why not say philip tribe is j1 ?

Why Scandinavian team did not announce y-dna ? Because no one tampered with m123

They put themselves in an awkward position

another thing my cousin Pharaoh the one who have eurasian mtdna R0a in Valley of the Kings

mtdna R0a related with bedouns x.e1b1b1c and e1b1b1c

For this you see in Danish and pharoah same mtdna

but in danish z830+ m123+

in pharoah z830+ m123- my old tribe bedouns went to egypt to kenya

my Tribes have the curse ancient Semitic Books full of legends giants tribe Control the world in secret But Obama has a different opinion This Negro my cousin Will win a third term And no one can do anything white people in texas or virginia

if hitler from my old tribe 80% from my old tribe becous he titanman Genetic inheritance and 10% v13 and 10% m123 same nordic. why they say somalid or jews and the truth he is bedouns

The other losing team
2 jews j1 team owners ftdna who say cohen is j1 becouse they are j1 but now jews know jews j1 is arab yemen not cohen and sons of isaac m84

thise tow team more than 10 years with media and propganda As if the magic turned against the magician

i do that for maciano and all people aryan Not a racist and my freinds arab R

but thise scandnavian team Which turns the facts It will remain a failed same jews j1 team
I have seen you Ashkenazi This means that you arabs from neareast or yemen

your cluster in jews not more than 1700 years was there jews in yemen and now there r1b in yemen and was there v88 in neareast maybe some went to jews

your mtdna canaanite (sarah) mtdna It is mainly in 3 haplogruop in jews

1- real canaanite L791
2- sons of sarah m84
3- Achaemenid j2 Cyrus people before 2500 years


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