My views on intelligent family planning and third world


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We have 7.5 billions of people living today and almost half of them have no proper education nor healthy views on the responsibility of human lives. It's almost a never ending circle of uneducated and poor people who breed and create an another caste of human group which seeks benefits from others instead giving.
We seem to forget in the past the natural diseases played a significant factors in the lives of humans. Nearly every second or third person died from some kind of disease in the developing world, but now due to Western hospitals and knowledge being exported overseas the natural factors of death has been successfully limited.
But what are the consequences of such generous act on a population which can barely maintain their own lives and lack any information on how to survive. They see the West as a kind of "white gods" because the West gave them everything without anything in exchange.
These people die because of hunger and wars due to the enormous recent growth of population.

Should we tax them or ban the rights of these people to breed, because most certainly lack the objective mindset to take care their own lives, but still have the "jungle tribal mindset" where every decision is being planned by the tribesman or the strongest guy in the town.

We don't want to take care of them, because these are grown men, we built schools to educate the citizens of Nigeria and any other countries, but we also should teach them to leave old ritualistic customs in order to make them to be reduced and rational minded like the great western man. Oh my god the white man's burden..

These things wouldn't happen if we stopped the intervention in their lives. Maybe we should just let them to live, but also not pay attention of hospitalization and healthcare, let the nature to make it's process and the strongest survive, the weakest die. We don't have to save everyone, everyone have the right to die and live. It isn't any better with another extra 3 billions of people who causes wars and illegal immigration. 170 millions of Nigerians just won't dissapear out of nowhere, when they become 500 millions, we can see how every second city in Western Europe has a muslim mosque and the locals being threatened because they just look "too white and foreign" we didn't teach these people to forget racism and cultural pride unlike our local youth who listen to Justin Bieber and thinks everything is sunshine and rainbows outside his town.

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