NATO brings troops into Georgia



That's no joke. On September 22-28 Georgia hosts so-called international exercises on development of joint methods to natural and manmade disasters.
I don't know whether they do really carry on those exercises or they've just invented such excuse for bringing their forces here. I'm just sure that that's no coincidence with date of October 1st when parliamentary election will begin in Georgia. I live in German embassy in Georgia for almost three years. But recently it is fearsome even to go to street here. The tension between government and common Georgian citizens has become dangerously explosive. People don't want Saakashvili on the 'president's' throne any more. And just tough police control keeps up appearance of order in the country. No wonder that Saakashvili called for help to his American friends. I fear that soon there would be civil war here. By all means we are preparing for state of siege in the embassy.
This is ridiculous. What Georgia needs is peace, not more troops, and more war! They need a new, peaceful regime that will help them gain EU membership.

Let the shining beacon of freedom shine upon Georgia!

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