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Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I m trying to make some regional German profiles with the official samples + others, but I found difficult on separating them.
I tried to make averages from Minor Areas, and I found a good work with borders, but Rhine Area and Central Germany was really difficult.
Does somebody could help me with that sort of division?
I saw clearly Bavarian, Franconian and Thuringian profiles from Earlangen, plus several outliers that could been from anyplace on Germany, and a clearly Northeast group from Hamburg. German proper have several different individuals, some matching Rhine and Westphalian, others Baden and others East Germany. Leipzig has a clearly division, one could been related to Saschen other to Thuringian and Saschen Anhalt.
Could you guys help me at this work?
I could easily found some Borders, like a good profile to Koblanz, Freiburg, Oberpfalz, Leipzig, Holstein, etc.. but can't find those with Intermediare profile.
I found some "related " individuals very different so I tried to split it more, it worked well for border areas but not so good about intermediare profiles, even those groups clustering better with Borders from Other side of the country than between each other, specially those from Rhine(I tried to split it between Hunsruck, Saarland, Nordrhine, Hessen, Heidelberg, etc..none good).
Does anybody has the source of each label?
I understand that same group could have some variation, but none of those official profiles seems to been from the same source as others on the same label.
Also I could make a good work for UK, Switzerland and Austria, but none of them had those amount of Individuals, so it was easier.
Also Niedersaschen was easy to found, I tried some from Northwestern(More Oldenburg base) and didn't work well(too similar to Niedersaschen).
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I don't want to use Simulated coordinates, even they worked good if we use individual simulation , with a good number of Individuals and k36 based simulation.
Those sources that I tried to split more than dendogram's tree had sense alone, but none of them could been related to each other more than border's population.
I guess that if I tried a less speculative process, mixing the same based tree individuals, I would get a more trustful work.
For Westphalia I have 5 individuals(Koln, Aachen, Lippe, Westph1 and 3) I guess that I don't need more than it.
But I don't know how to proper uses the Dendogram, seems that same population could been unrelated with a Dendogram.
Do I have to split each label without others? Like Earlangen alone, German Alone, Hamburg , Leipzig , etc?
I take it you are referring to G25 samples. I noticed Genoplot tends to label the official samples, naming the country and city they were from. How did you recognise the difference in profiles from Erlangen? Did you use a PCA?

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