Immigration Net migration rate by country - 2011


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I don't understand how this map works. Is this showing how many immigrants each country has per 1,000 people or how many leave the country to immigrate in a another per 1,000 people. The Y DNA maps on this website actulley are how those haplogroups were distributed like the 1800's not today. Because of huge immigration between European countries. So I think you have to be able to trace your direct male line back to certain area and I bet Americans who trace their direct male line in paper to a certain town in Ireland or whatever count too. On FTDNA you can click on whatever haplogroup and they will show dots in a world map of people with that but they will have dates born in 1655. I watched a documentary in these two Irish families who have been fighting for I think hundreds of years and they traditionally have one on one bare knuckle fights between each other. And in the 1900's some immigrated to England and they were travelling all over the UK. And the European Union will just in courage immigration and inter marriage between European countries which sucks for Trying to figure out Genetic stuff. Every since the Angel Saxons conquered southern Britain almost 1,500 years ago the Welsh have almost never intermarried. Europe at least western has been in a Genetic stand still since the middle ages there haven't been any huge migrations and the type of conquering were tribes are killed off kind of like what the Anglo Saxons did in Britain. That's why you can see a connection with the spread of Urnfield culture(1,300-700bc) its descendants Celtic Hallstat and La Tene and R1b1a2a1a2b S28 it even exists in ancient Galatia in central Turkey. and connection with Y DNA and language families and pre historic cultures like Corded ware.
World Bank data,from 2008 to 2012: It is amazing how (after 5 years of financial crisis) such countries as Greece,Portugal,Italy,Spain and Ireland still have to carry with a huge amount of immigrats (specially Spain).This should be a big concern for the whole Schengen area.

Why is it amazing. It would take more than the destruction of the Spanish Civil War to stop the flow of immigrants from Africa to Spain. That is still because even if you halve Spain's GDP per capita and quality of life, it would still be much better than almost anywhere in Africa (with a few exceptions like Equatorial Guinea or South Africa). Apart from the fact that the Gibraltar Strait is the easiest place to cross over from Africa to Europe for illegals, Spain has a warm enough climate for Africans who dread the cold of northern Europe. Additionally many immigrants come from Latin America and choose Spain because of the shared language.

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