New data on Slovak Y-haplogroup frequencies

Rudiger Roy

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Maciamo, have you seen the recent article published on line:
"Genetic Structure of the Slovak population..." by Eva Petrejcikova et al?
Data from 250 males from eastern Slovakia were compared with other Slav populations from the YHRD database.
The authors used the Whit Athey Haplogroup Predictor to obtain the Y-haplogroup frequencies.
I would be very interested in your opinion concerning this web site which makes available at no cost calculations to obtain Y-haplogroups from DYS haplotype data.
Whit Athey's Haplogroup Predictor is widely used to determine haplogroups in the genetic genealogy community. It is generally reliable, but I really think that serious scientific studies of population should always use SNP tests, as it is the only way to be sure of haplogroups, and especially subclades. It is amazing that studies are still being conducted based on STR alone now that SNP tests have become the norm even for amateur genealogists.

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