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Y-DNA haplogroup
I2 I-S17250
mtDNA haplogroup

So, I had my DNA test with LivingDNA. On Y-DNA I had haplogroup I2 with I-S17250 subclade.
Thanks for the Eupedia webpage and couple Google search I collected some information about this haplogroup, but it's not crystal to me the history of this group.

As far as I can understand, this I-S17250 branch mostly located nowadays to Middle- and Eastern-European countries, and to the Balkan. Mostly Slavic speaking countries. I also inderstand the I2 connection and mixing with R1a and R1b groups. But where do the I-S17250 come from? Were they really Thracians, Cimmerians and/or Dacians?
* But where did the I-S17250 come from?

Sorry for the mistakes...
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I do not know history of your family but there is a possibility that your male ancestor coming from Croatia or Balkans in the Turkish period or some Slavic (White Croatian) origin from carpathians.

Otherwise for now subclade I-S17250 has its source somewhere in the southeast Poland and southwestern Ukraine or White Croatia, needs to see which subbranch you belong and then you will know a little more.
Thank you!
I only have family legends about our roots, nothing trustworthy. I hoped to get some proper informations with this test.

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