New Here: Basic Questions about I-F3145


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So I'm new here and only have only a basic understanding of genetics and haplogroups.

Read around some of the posts and found more confusion than actual answers to my personal questions.

Generally I'm kind of curious as to the origin of my haplogroup, whether it is of native Balkan origin or Slavic origin or something else. Seems there isn't a definitive answer, but is there an overall best guess that is most widely accepted?

I'm aware my people are Slavic, because that's the language we speak, but it's well known that Latin speaking populations in the Balkans were most likely Slavicized, not killed off, and that they in turn descend from the Illyrians or Thracians from the region. I am also aware that other Balkan Natives (Albanians and Greeks, etc) have little Hg I and are Hg E dominant. Could this mean, perhaps, that the South Slavs aren't Illyrian but maybe Slavicized Dacians who marched south after being Slavicized themselves, and bringing hg I with them?

I also wonder about the old Scythian-Sarmatian theories. I'm aware Haplogroup I is very rare outside of Europe, but I recall populations from the Caucasus having spikes of it, could that be attributed to the nomads? I think it's also fascinating that Northern Slavs have small, but notable, percentages of Haplogroup I, and it is well known in history that Scytho-Sarmatian nomads made a minority in early Slavic cultures, usually as a military or ruling cast. Could the remnants of Hg I in Northern Slavs support this theory?

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