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Hi all.

Thanks this website, my genetic interest to know more about my ancesters was growing and growing.
I would like to give you all thanks for all contributions, especially to Maciamo.

I want to share with all of you my Geno 2.0 results:
Y-dna: I-Z161
Mtdna: J1c2a

I'm a newcomer but i think i am an unusual Spaniard. My mathernal line come from Getafe, a town besides Madrid (last maternal ancester born in 1728. checked by Church records) and my paternal line is from Paradinas, a little village in Segovia (Central Castile), five generations, documentaly not proved.

Since I recived my results I have been reading about my haplogroups and it seems my ancestors come from germanic origin, probably goths.

I2-M223>Z161 is pretty Germanic-looking overall, so a Gothic (or Suebic or etc...) origin for your paternal line is a realistic possibility in my judgment.

Is Z161 the most specific that Geno 2.0 got? Do you have a result for one of: Z177, L801, Z76, Z183, CTS6433, Z78, Z171, Z185, L1198, Z166, Z180, Z187, Z190, Z79, L1290, L1317? Yeah, that's a lot to look for, but at least you're fortunate that Z161 is one of the most well-understood I2 subclades, and hence has a lot of known descendant SNPs, so you can get pretty precise if you want.

There are a lot of famous suspected I2-M223>Z161 carriers, see my thread here:
See the subclade tree, and look for "Z76," which is the most common subclade of Z161. Famous carriers include US President Andrew Johnson, American folk hero Davy Crockett, and Napoleon III (but not Napoleon I... the intrigue!).
Thanks hope, you are a great community. Congrats!

sparkey: many thanks for your answer. I-Z161 it's the deepest results from Geno 2.0.
Thats why because Genographic project low accuracy or because my paternal ancester come from Z161 directly?
How can be more precise? using my .csv SNP file in any website?

Its funny to corroborate past extramatrimonial relations in European Royal Houses like Napoleon III case.
I would like to check deeply a noisy secret about Spanish Monarchy: Alfonso XII probably was not son of his Borbon father (King Francis), so its logic to think that my current King, Felipe VI is not carriying the French Borbon dinasty Y-dna.
(Source: Alfonso XII of Spain in Wikipedia)

Many thanks and regards!!!
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